Monday, June 23, 2014

Kauai's Native Floral Beauty

These floral displays are special because they are God's glorious creation!   I wanted to share mother nature's beautiful splashes of colors direct from Kauai (the "Garden Isle" of Hawaii and one of the most beautiful places to visit), against the lush green of the tropical landscape.  There's some thing magical about the tropics. It's not just the beaches that makes it compelling. The vibrant  colors and shapes of the flowers are a natural, eye-popping aspect of lush green canvas, which makes the tropics a haven for any  gardener or florist .

 The following pictures show the beauty of mother nature  in Kauai:

 stinking cabbage

 Queen Emma's flowers

 Cocoa fruit

 apple banana

 looks like Ginger but they are flowers

 this spot has pink and red of these flowers

I hope you've enjoyed these glorious beauties!