Tablescapes as Art

The Heart of It All

I believe the heart of togetherness lies in gathering around the table during mealtime. 

Around the table, I can see human connections form and unfold.  It makes us all so close.  I also believe any day can be a special occasion!   It doesn't have to be a grand event; still,  I want to  make an occasion out of it because togetherness is special in and of itself!  I'm hoping that this blog will give some an incentive to see what they have around them, to instill a sense of excitement that comes from creatively making their surroundings attractive.

The Table - the heart of family and friendship where we can really have some fun!

Decorate on a Dime!
I come from a large family, so there's always something to celebrate.  Things get expensive if you have to purchase all decorations from scratch, and I would rather spend on food and gifts.  So, I've learned to recycle.

I look around  the house to see what I can use.  I keep almost everything I've ever used (just in case!)  I start out with a color scheme and then I try to tell a story.  If I don't have enough to meet the color scheme I try to create things myself or shop at designer discount stores,  fabric stores, vintage/thrift shops and sometimes garage sale looking for enhancements to complete the storyline.  I like to combine expensive and inexpensive  items that add panache to the table.  

  • To create something simple and yet elegant without breaking the bank.
  • Find things around the house that can be applied for any occasion.
 When I plan an event, I start out with the theme and decor and then try to search and make meals that complement the occasion.  I enjoy trying out new things and look for an opportunity to bake and create different meals and desserts.   I also like to combine the new and tried-and-true to make eating fun!

So, I invite you all to join me so we can have fun discovering and creating together!

I would love to hear from you

Photography by:  Evelyn

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