Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Floral Designs: Tribute to a Beloved Mother

A family gathering to celebrate a beloved mother's life.

These floral arrangements  are a tribute to my brother in-law's beloved mother. My sister wanted to use all the flowers in her backyard to be the central pieces for this gathering.  

 The buffet centerpiece is made up of 3 similar plants with white flowers arranged in different heights. An angel and  a miniature gazebo designed as a house to symbolize the mother - the central figure of their family - who happens to be an angel...

I used green to symbolize mother earth's bounteous ground covering, and white - to signify purity and someone forever remembered...

Guest Tables - The tables are splattered with backyard flowers and greeneries  from the backyard. It's amazing what you can do with flowers!

Flower Arrangement 1 - sunflowers matched with violet flowers 

Flower Arrangement 2 - monochromatic - orange roses & carnation

Flower Arrangement 3 - pink & purple go well together

Flower Arrangement 4- another design to use orange flowers

Flower Arrangement 5- red roses, red carnation 

Flower Arrangement 6 - tinged with green flowers 

Flower arrangement 7- another design for red flowers