Floral Arrangements

 I love having flowers around the house because they really brighten my day. Nothing like some color to offset the gray skies!  Below you will find an index to all my floral arrangements.

Flowers, to me, convey thoughtfulness and love!

I hope that these floral arrangements show that you can bring beauty into your home without breaking the bank!

Mixed Colors:
Accentuate Store Bought Flowers
Arranging Store Bought Flowers - II
Blue and Pink - Indoor Garden Retirement Party
Creative Floral Arrangements for Green Store Bought Flowers 
Fourth of July Arrangement
Halloween Floral Arrangements 
Kauai's Native Floral Beauty 
Match Your Flower Personality
Silk Flower Arrangements

In order by colors:

Green Flowers

Orange Flowers

Pink Flowers (see also Valentine's Day 1 )

Purple Flowers

Red Flowers

White Flowers

Yellow flowers


  1. Love how you make do of what you have and present them in different creative ways. :-)

  2. Thanks! Yes, it's a fun challenge!