Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Tablescape - Day 1

What better way to express your love and appreciation of your better half  than  celebrating Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day  evokes romance at it's fullest.  For me, it's very special because my husband proposed on Valentine's Day. 
My husband loves to read, which is why I decided to have bookcases  as a backdrop for my table settings.   I love to mix expensive and inexpensive items together to create a special ambience.   I wanted to show my special appreciation  by creating several meals using different settings  leading up to Valentine's Day.

 Valentine's Day is too special to only be 24 hrs long!  So here we'll do 5 Days of Valentine's - somewhat like the 12 days of Christmas - with a different table design for each day .  In these posts, I'll take one table and show you five different ways to decorate it using things around the house.  After all, love and romance is what life is all these 5 days of Valentine's we'll have a romantic ambience and a story that plays out culminating on Valentine's Day.
Day 1:  Pink and White with a touch of  Red Theme
 This day starts out light in color to show the progression of the blooming romance.  I had white tablecloths with pink tablemats and topped it off with red chargers and white plates.  Then I  used  pink flowers  and pinkish-red gift boxes to accentuate the pink napkins.

I love being non-conventional.  Roses normally are the required flowers for this occassion, but  I wanted to try out other pink flowers to create the centerpiece for a fraction of the cost. Grocery stores normally reduce prices as the week goes on. 

I have versatile napkin holders that I use as events unfold. These holders, which are already wrapped in satiny white cloth, are from a shower curtain. I saved them for a higher purpose after finding other curtain holders that worked better.  These napkin holders are a very recyclable item because I can embellish them - in this case, with hearts.  

The Valentine's week is about giving small little presents. I like the idea of giving presents but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the boxes. I found the different shaped boxes from a dollar store and embellished them with ribbons and glass hearts. 

The clear vase is wrapped in pink ribbon with pinkish beads glued on it. ( I don't know what I'd do without my glue gun. It has become my BFF!) I've used this vase during my tea parties several years ago.

To add a little drama into the mix, I added 3  pink silk roses  (which looked so real my husband couldn't tell the difference!)

I've spread the remaining flowers around the room especially to the table where the food is being served.


Day 1 Valentine's Dinner -   is on the lighter side. Pasta and Shrimp dish.

 I've created a shrimp dish sauted in olive oil, garlic, onions, pepper flakes and white wine.  Then used the pasta water  to cook the mixed greens (collard & kale).

Date Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookies

I enjoy baking with items that my husband likes.  He loves medjool dates and cookies.  So, I made a  Medjool "Date" Bar and Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Date Bar  

 Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Shopper's Corner:
Ross Store- napkins and mat
Anna's Linens - red chargers
Dollar Store - boxes

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