Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Tablescape - Day 4

So here's Day 4 of our 5 Days of Valentine's - somewhat like the 12 days of Christmas - with a different table setting design for each day.
Day 4:  Valentine Memories Theme Table
The table setting is more whimsical to show that love can be fun.  This setting recreates the feeling of excitement we experienced in some of the most romantic places we visited: London and Paris.

Ahhh, London and Paris - these cities exude love and romance in every aspect.  We love art and history and what better place to experience those passions than these two cities.

I used heights (boxes)  and texture (flowers, candies and memorabilia)  to showcase things about our trip and bring some European aspects to the table.

 I like buying little mementos (miniature versions) of the places we've visited.
Since I can't display every little memento purchased,  I decided to stick with one iconic item from each city: Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.

London, UK  is a dream come true for my husband since he's a Janeite (Jane Austen fan).  We enjoyed London's rich history and also its countryside.

To highlight London, I'm using the wooden carved word of "London" memento, an old glass frame that is trimmed with mirror and love words  (making a perfect picture frame for my picture of Big Ben) and a miniature Big Ben.

I fell in love with Paris for its art and its colorful history - but most of all for its bakeries. (You know where my priorities lie).   They make the BEST desserts ever! 

The white frame, has a Parisian ( "fleur") design which is a perfect frame for the picture I took of the Eiffel Tower.  I've added an old wine to complement what Paris is famous for as well - wines.

I'm re-using the versatile napkin holder (used on Valentine's Day 3) and white damask napkins to bring about the flowery pattern of the charger.  I also re-used the clear plate from Valentine's Day 3 to show the gilded flowers on the charger. It has a touch of gold and bronze, again very European

There are layers of boxes and chocolate pieces that reflect the abundance of sweetness surrounding the London and Paris signs.  Again, re-using  these heart shaped boxes from Valentine's Day 1.

To bring about the kid in us, a gigantic Kisses chocolate, sits atop a pink and red box. More kisses please...

There are 2 vases in the background: one with two red roses and one with pink roses. I've also added the candied marshmallow rose from Valentine's Day 3.  In the middle of the two vases stands a little pot painted with chocolate color, glued candies and fake strawberries surrounding the pot.  

At a glance, this brings back memories of our trip.
The gold box contains European Chocolate candies to be shared during dessert.

Day 4 Valentine's Day  Dinner - Chicken Cordon Bleu (a little French infusion)


Strawberry Pie (an American touch) 
My husband loves pies  and I always try to use his (favorite) paternal grandmother's recipe whenever I can.

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Shopper's Corner:
TJ Maxx - picture frames
Anna's Linens - gold chargers

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