Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Tablescape - Day 2

So here's Day 2 of our 5 Days of Valentine's - somewhat like the 12 days of Christmas - with a different table setting design for each day. 

 I use symbolism a lot when I create a decor, and I'll mention how I did that as well. Over the years, I 've accumulated several trinkets and boxes that I have an affinity for and reuse for different events. I love to decorate but I don't want to spend a great deal on decor alone. Since I've created a budget to adhere to, I like going to discount stores to embellish what I want to design without breaking my monthly budget.

Day 2:  Red and Pink Theme
Here, I'm showing the progression of colors and items to show the boldness and range of emotions deepening. The red is more pronounced. 

Since I had extra napkins from Valentine's Day 1, I'm using them again by using a different holder.
 I wanted to make a bolder statement by emphasizing the bigger heart on the
plate. You know what they say "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"! The heart shaped foam is painted in pink and dipped in pink and clear glitters.

To add a shimmering glow, I've added three crystal candlesticks (symbolizing the words "I LOVE YOU") - creating a romantic ambience.

A heart shaped glass ornament with 2 doves kissing was purchased from a  Consignment store for less than $3.  I bought it years ago because I love the intricacies of the glass and the affordability.  I used it to top the box and denote lovebirds being surrounded by light and beauty.  The centerpiece is a gift box from a department store and embellished with velveteen cloth and red silk flowers on top. The flowers' tips are dipped in clear glitters.

The heart shaped box next to it is from a dollar store and has been embellished  with two hearts.

This vase was recycled from Valentine's Day 1 and has now been  decorated with red hearts.  This has become a centerpiece for the corner table where the food will be served. Silk roses were used  again but the greenery is from a house plant; the tip  was cut into a heart shape.


Day 2 Valentine's Dinner is heartier - Meatloaf with artichokes mixed in. (Sounds weird, but it makes it really moist!) 

We like eating our meatloaf with rice.  The rice is formed from a heart shape pan.

I've highlighted some of the windowsills with the pink flowers (from Valentine's Day 1) .

Cranberry Cheesecake Bar
Layered Oreo Cookie bar

To highlight the pinkness of the theme, I made this Cranberry Cheesecake bars.  This has white chocolate and oatmeal (as if this will make it any healthier!) and is a great way to end the meal. 

I wanted something to contrast with the pink when  I found I had a lot of white chocolate chips, red m&m's candies and oreo cookies.  Hence,  a new creation of  layered bar oreo cookies with coconuts, nuts, white chocolate and M&M's.

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