Thursday, October 10, 2013

Floral Arrangement - Sunflowers and Other Yellow Flowers

There's something about Sunflowers that evoke brightness and cheerfulness.   Maybe because of their vibrant yellow color  giving off  energy like the sun.  Their color is bold  and yet has that comfortable feeling, maybe coming from the earthy brown color of their florets, which is the middle part.  In any case, sunflowers, to me, are the kind of flowers that make me smile.   

Below are samples of Sunflower arrangements and other Yellow flowers:

This was specially created for a sunflower-loving  niece's wedding.  I've added some crystals in the middle to make it a little fancier. 

For this floral centerpiece, I've combined two kinds of sunflowers and added some naked sunflowers (where the yellow petals are peeled off) to balance the middle part.

Some residual Sunflowers from the wedding

Silk flowers are so beautifully convenient in any season and so versatile.  Here are two samples  of how a simple change to the silk flower makes the floral arrangement:
Silk Gerbera flower

silk yellow Lotus flower

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