Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Tablescape

Halloween is a time when monsters come out from under the bed and all our fears come true. But what happens when these ghouls and other ghastly creatures want to sit down for a midnight snack? This Halloween tablescape is a perfect centerpiece for a haunted house; here, in a place long forgotten by the living, the dead come back for a frightful feast.

The creatures of the night gather for the feast.

Creepy crawlies are attracted to the rotting delicacies.

Ravens join the fray. The table turns purple to reflect that night is upon us.

For the undead, only a taste of the living will satisfy them. The birds gnaw at the fleshy remains. An eye for an eye makes for a satisfying drink.

The birds and rats want a taste too. The goblet has only the finest blood, aged to perfection.
This hand once belonged to an ancient king. Now he’s nothing but bones.

As Halloween ends, the terrors scatter until next year.


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