Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Themed Tablescape: Colors, Colors!

Fall or Harvest time is one of my favorite times of year because of the season's lush abundance. I feel that because I was born in the Fall, I have a strong association with this season because it symbolizes the start of something new - summer is over and the holidays are coming! 
For this Fall Themed Tablescape, I want to convey the rich palette of color that makes this season so full of life.  As a result, this tablescape bursts with bright earth tone colors of green, brown, yellow, orange and shades of red.  Eating is so much more fun when your table is a feast for the eyes!
 For this Fall TablescapeI combined different sizes and textures of wood, ceramic, cloth, glass and organic materials like vegetables and real leaves that show off Fall's abundance of colors.
 I like setting up the dining room table ahead of time so I can enjoy it for a few days before the main event.  I like to accentuate the table with accessories that reflect the season.  For this tablescape, I am using a tablecloth with a fall leaf design and a large mesh ribbon in the center. The design is topped off with a wagon planter filled with the season's harvest.
 This is one of those times where mixing  and matching  plates are essential to promote the colors of fall.  I've also added white ceramic pumpkins to balance the colors so there isn't too much orange.

Adding a playful accessory, gives the wagon a bit of a character.

I've added a green  organza twisted tie cord with fringed tassels that wrap around the chair, giving the chair itself some character, and blends in better with the color scheme.

The leaf shaped plate brings out the colors of the plate and charger. The napkin holders are covered with bountiful symbolism.

By adding this whimsical tea pot, which I found in one of our travels, serving tea is so much more fun!
 Here's an appetizing way to serve bread and butter - a pumpkin cloth basket and stacked decorative leafy plates. 

 In everything I give THANKS!

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