Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Tablescape

A friend called me and had an inspiration to do something different for Thanksgiving.  She's been using her dining room table as a buffet table for a while and wanted a change.  However, she didn't  have very many fall items to fit a traditional Thanksgiving theme.  So, I recommended she use her silverware and beautiful fine china and purchase a few accessories to create a  Thanksgiving Tablescape.

This is what I truly enjoy about my job - to instill a sense of excitement that comes from creatively making their surroundings attractive.

 I started creating the centerpiece by using her boxed succulents and a trio of green candles. We purchased green glasses, golden napkins, assorted plastic leaves, decorative and organic pumpkins to bring out the abundant fall colors of green, yellow, orange and hues of red.

 My friend already has this attractive china that has fall colors and by adding and combining the colors of the accessories together, it makes for a beautiful centerpiece.  


 Dessert Table

I encouraged her to use her credenza to be her dessert table and highlighted her silk flowers with fall colors and accessories. She loved the effect and will start using this set up now.

 Kitchen Table-Front 
I've extended the fall and Thanksgiving theme to her round kitchen table.


BEFORE - Living Room

 The living room area is connected to the dining room.  The sofa is solid  white, so I highlighted the sofa with pillows I found elsewhere in the house to create a cohesive fall setting.

AFTER - Living Room

My friend couldn't wait to share her warm and inviting dining room and living room with her family.  Traditionally, they have buffet s for their family affairs, but she likes her redesign table so much this Thanksgiving will be a sit down dinner!  She's looking forward to a lot of good conversation and togetherness this Thanksgiving.  

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