Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flower Arrangement - Orange Wildflowers

This Aloe Vera Orange Plant is beautiful in the early spring, staying until early June.   The colors are so warm and vibrant.  I love bringing that vibrancy  inside my home.

Closer look  

I've always been reluctant to cut them since the hummingbirds love them!  However, this Spring, I decided to bring a few  inside my home but  was not quite sure how to display it. The flowers are so beautifully arranged by nature that adding other colors could detract from the natural delicateness.

Then I realized I have different shapes of clear vases that can showcase the colors. It's amazing how the shape of the vase and a few embellishments can change the look of the flowers.
Arrangement 1:
From a Simple Tall  Vase Arrangement

Arrangement 2:
To Elegant - by adding some pearly beads

Arrangement 3:
To Avant Garde - by completely putting all the flowers inside a wavy shaped vase and setting them against a darker background.

Arrangement 4:
To Exotic - My father-in-law always called the flowers "firecrackers".  I wanted to build on that idea so I added bamboo sticks.

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