Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day - Garden Tablescape

This Garden Setting Tablescape is a tribute to all mothers on Mother's Day for having that special gift and charming spell that makes a house a home and being that  touchstone of wisdom and strength that keeps  the family together.

On the other hand, this garden setting is also meant for women who have that innate ability to nurture  -  whether it's a sibling, a pet or a garden - and have the  passion for creating and caring for  something precious.  So, in essence,  this is a dedication to all women. 

This  statue of mother and child I originally bought for my lackluster garden  several years ago.  It caught my eye because I just adore how it depicts the emotion of a mother's love to her child -that  unconditional love.  So, I  decided to keep it inside the house next to my desk as a reminder of that special love. 

I wanted to feature this mother and child statue in a corner of the table to evoke the feeling of a wonderful moment where time just stands still (as a mother that never happens!) while being surrounded by the serenity of a beautiful garden.

This centerpiece is my  favorite day dream getaway -  A gazebo in the middle of a meadow surrounded by my favorite blue flowers! 

I've had this miniature gazebo for a long time.  I pull it out of storage for use as a centerpiece in my dining room every spring and summer.  It was given to me by my mother in law who won it at a miniature convention.  I have since gathered some pieces of furniture and miscellaneous things to complete the effect of a wonderland. 

Path leading to the gazebo -  I wanted to create that feeling of "Go ahead and meander", taking your time (which we seem to lack nowadays!) and just enjoy the moment. The stones come from an old aquarium.

Blue silk flowers - from my front door to look like rhododendrons (which I can't seem to grow!)  that I so much admire from the Redwoods in Northern  California. 

The back of the gazebo continues the feel of a meadow surrounded by rhododendrons.  The greenery is a vinyl boxwood and and the green tablecloth  I used from St. Patrick's Day and Easter.

My plates and tea set collection are  coming in handy here.  Different styles and textures of plates and teapots attract me like bees to honey.   I never know when I'm going to use them, but, I buy them anyway especially when they're on sale!

The dinner plate combines cobalt, teal, and light green to create a garden-like feel.  To add a bit of drama, I 've added a charger designed like a fan (very feminine) and a dark blue napkin with a cobalt design.

I wanted to accentuate the colors of the plates with a teal vase.  While I didn't have  any of these on hand, I did find teal gift wrap paper, which I fit in a clear vase to highlight the colors of the plate and the napkins. 

To continue with the garden feel, instead of  real flowers in the vase, I folded the napkins to look like  flower buds to give it that  feminine touch.  The silken blue cloth flower is actually a homemade  napkin holder I use for other special occasions. 

side view of the gazebo...

A Tea set for the mother of the house - The tea plate holder is a teal picture frame from my "little office" and the teapot is from an antique store.

Behind the garden setting table is the buffet where the food and drinks will be served... 

As a tribute to my husband's late maternal grandmother, I wanted to incorporate her beautiful handmade beaded bouquet into the arrangement, because it combines my favorite colors of teal, cobalt and light green.

In this picture and the following ones,  I would like to pay a tribute to the inspirational women who  gave their pure love of creating something so beautiful and enchanting!  They have created these miniature pieces of furniture, animals and other accesories especially this gazebo.   Also, to my mother-in-law, who made all the fabulous miniature potted plants and hanging plants.  They made this living wonderland possible, creating a place of solace and  wonderment for me!

As you enter inside the gazebo, you feel like having a lazy afternoon with yourself and/or the family - with lemonade, coffee, dessert and books.  Ahh, precious time!

 I also  want to bring in some symbolism of child raising.  The instrument(violin)  for building their creativity and the books for providing them a good education.   The space was set up also to share the room for two children: one who will play the instrument, with the other chair for the book lover.  

Now, on to the highlight of  the day! 

Buttermilk Pecan Waffles with Strawberry Champagne Syrup

Shopper's Corner:
TJ Maxx - dinner plates and picture frame
Anna's Linens - blue chargers


  1. Where did you purchase your mother and child statue pictured in your tablescape?

    1. I found it at JoAnn's Craft Store several years ago. I loved it then and I love it now. thanks for following my site.