Saturday, August 10, 2013

Floral Arrangements: Match your Flower's Personality

Color helps to spice up life.  I love to be surrounded by vibrant colors - beautiful, distinctive floral designs really brighten my day!   Our grocery store consistently surprises me with different types of flowers for dirt cheap prices, that are just a little old.  

This post is to show how to freshen up your store bought flowers by using a variety of odd-shaped vases that match the personality of the flowers.  A little imagination and they can almost come to life!

These purple plants remind me of hay, so I used my little decorative wheel barrow and added some berries from my yard to create a feel of harvest time.

These yellow flowers look best in a teapot.

This clear vase shows off the corral color of these carnations.

I have this green bowl that I used during St. Patrick's Day and a petal shaped bowl that I thought would highlight this sunflower and by putting all three together created this floating centerpiece. 

These red gerberas work well with a long vase to balance the daintiness of its stem and the elegance of its flower.

These green button pom flowers just look beautiful in a collective.  I wanted to show them off well by using this multiple stem vase.

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