Sunday, August 25, 2013

DIY No-Cost Room Redesign

For me, redesigning a room or a corner provides character.  I love the idea of things flowing in a coherent and sometimes opposite manner.  Some would say it's feng shui,  a spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy; others, would say yin and yang, complementary opposites.  Nevertheless, It's the interplay of colors and shapes that energize me. 

 For this post, I will show you how you can add a bit of (visual) flavor just by grouping like items and  putting complementary colors together.

We rented this beautiful home by the ocean during the summer and it has all the elements of modernism: the main colors in and around the house are a vibrant green, yellow and orange.  

  Below are areas that I thought could maximize the look of corners in the rooms: deck table, window seats, kitchen and bedroom.  I didn't buy a single thing, all I did was  heighten colors in the house by rearranging items and mixing some of the harmonious decorative pieces. 

BEFORE- Welcome sign near the door

AFTER - Embellished with decorative items  

BEFORE - Outside deck table and chairs

 AFTER  - Day use

AFTER- Night use

BEFORE - Window seat

I took colorful pillows from different rooms and assembled them around one center pillow  to make a dramatic seating arrangement.  

A little touch of flair is added on the small table by mixing  and matching the colorful plates, thus enhancing the colors of the pillows.

Ta- Da!  A romantic corner to behold.

BEFORE- Chairs facing the fireplace


These green vases (several more are scattered around) were separately displayed. 

BEFORE - Fireplace corner


BEFORE - Whole view of fireplace


 BEFORE- Corner of a kitchen counter


BEFORE - Corner of bedroom dresser


By arranging similar things, it makes for a more interesting room!

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