Friday, March 21, 2014

Creative Floral Arrangements for Green Store-Bought Flowers

 Ahhh, the first day of Spring!  It's a new beginning for all life but its also a beautiful way to commemorate mother nature's renewal.  What better way to celebrate it than with all things green! While shopping for the meals,  I found a simple grocery store bunch of green flowers and instead of keeping them in one vase I converted them to  many different looks to jazz up a romantic outdoor table!

BEFORE - bunch of flowers

BEFORE -  Table 

BEFORE  - Flower Arrangement 1


BEFORE - Flower Arrangement 2


closer look 

 Using the same flowers but with a different look by using a vinyl purse and ribbon 

BEFORE - Flower Arrangement 4 

AFTER -  added green dried flowers 

BEFORE - Flower Arrangement 5 

AFTER - with a little embellishment of green wire string

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