Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Arranging Store Bought Flowers

Brighten gloomy days or seasons with flowers.  There's nothing better than flowers that evoke a smile and a bright atmosphere.  By  surrounding myself with flowers improves my mood and changes the mood around me. 

 Below you'll find several ways flower arrangements bring sunshine to every room just by using a single bunch of grocery store blooms.

Floral arrangement 1 - used my porcelain watering can to match the pink colors

Floral arrangement 2 - used  beaded lamp shade over a glass of water

Floral arrangement 2A -  just by adding extra greenery gives it a different look

Floral arrangement 3 - used the other lamp shade to try a new way to bring about the purple

Floral arrangement 5 -  used candles as the base and clear glass votives to highlight the yellow..

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