Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Teddy Bear Tablescape Tea Party

This teddy bear tea party themed tablescape  is a celebration of my mother-in-law's love affair with bears.  This tablescape was a lot of fun to create because I got to  create a special party for some of the teddy bears my mother-in-law has collected over the years  (believe me, she has an abundance of teddy bears and it was hard to choose who to invite!).  This is a perfect teddy bear tablescape  for little girls or any bear lover. 

The teddy bears are having a fun time at this party. Some are having a picnic or sipping tea, while others are mingling. More bears are sitting around the sofa sharing stories and some are having fun lounging outside their manor home.

Each bear has a unique, distinguished (as they tell it) character. I mixed and matched teddy bears based on their outfits, similarities, differences and sizes.  I tried to bring each of the bears' personalities into the tablescape.  

This is an invitation to join in a Bearylicious  party!

This table has black and brown bears having a picnic.

We'll start by offering some tea m'lady...

These bears have already started eating their share of watermelon...

Around the corner, a portrait being taken of an English bear family out for tea-time.

This doll, which I've named Eileen, is the guest of honor at the girls table. This setup is a perfect  mother-daughter tea time table. 

These ladies know how to have tea in style.

Each tea cup is adorned by a different bear for every special little girl.

These twin bears didn't want to be separated, so I kept them close. I found these pink and grey dishes that were wedding presents to my in-laws, and which proved a perfect setting for tea time. 

This little one enjoys her own company, but has plenty of tea to spare.

The main dining table is designed as an English outdoor tea party. This is a perfect table for the adults.   
The stately manor serves as a backdrop for the fun affair. The teddy bears relax around the manor, sipping tea. 

A couple enjoying  their own private tea table.

                    The pink rose matches this little bear's favorite flower

These ladies love the afternoon tea lunch 

A couple enjoying a  lazy afternoon. It looks like they snuck some afternoon wine into the party!

Another couple having an afternoon break.

A bunch of old curmudgeons try to outfox each other during  their board game

The special host gets her own teacup with a bear

These old-timers are enjoying a picnic away from all the hustle and bustle. 

 Several ladies relaxing out of the hot sun. 

These young lovers hidden away in the corner for a private rendezvous.

A couple of teddy kids resting after running around. They're hiding away from the adults!

Here, a couple of mischievous bears decide to join in the baking.

The bears eye the delicious cupcakes hoping they won't all get eaten before it's their turn!

 Thank  you for  joining this Bearylicious Tea Party!

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  1. This makes a tea party look very entertaining both on the level of the decorations and the actual tea party. Fun!!!