Thursday, April 24, 2014

orchid arrangement

A friend had given me some orchid flowers from her garden.  I've never worked with  orchids before and have always admired someone who can grow orchids.  I don't seem to have a green thumb  when it comes to orchids! It's also very expensive to buy the flowers.  So, I was really thrilled to  get them for free and  have the opportunity to work with them in various ways. The orchid flowers are by  themselves very exotic and  and do not need extravagant displays.  I just wanted to show some ways to enhance their flowers by embellishing the vase  enabling different looks almost everyday. 

Flower Arrangement 1 - combining the yellow and purple colors using a tall clear vase. 

Flower Arrangement 2 - combining silk flowers using same like colors 

Flower Arrangement 3 - embellish the vase with purple netting to bring out the purplish hint of the flower 

Flower Arrangement 4:  Adding some dried willows to create a rustic look 

Flower Arrangement 5 - separating the yellow one into a different vase 

Flower Arrangement 6 - combining silk flowers to bring about the colors of the flower 

Flower arrangement 7 - enhanced the yellow tint of the orchid flower by adding yellow silk flowers

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  1. My favorites are the ones with the purple netting and the beads. :-) Keep up the great work!