Sunday, September 8, 2013

Floral Arrangement - Silk Flowers

Over the years I've created a number of silk flower arrangements that befit the occasion or the season.  I love to be surrounded by colors anytime of the year, especially during the cold, dreary winter months.  What better way to do that than flowers.  I depend on silk flowers because they provide me better selection and do not confine  me to only seasonal flowers.  I love to mix and play with the different textures of silk flowers, all of which makes for a better display.

 Below are a few samples of floral arrangements I've created using silk flowers:

I designed this floral arrangement for a baby shower on a hot summer day, given theme colors of pink, yellow and green.

I made this silk floral arrangement as a memento of a successful  non profit event I co chaired, and gave it to the founding president.  This silk arrangement has samplings of the silk flowers that were used to design the event's tables given the theme colors of pink, purple and green.

I love the elegant way these flowers looked -  especially in a cluster -  because they reminded me of early fall.  I wanted to preserve that autumnal feeling by adding artificial water to this  floral arrangement (I used Quick Water for Silks).

This was my very first creation that combined real flowers with silk flowers.  One fall day,  I ended up with extra carnations from a floral arrangement I made for a friend and I decided to experiment mixing it with silk.  I was trying to tie the colors in one of the mirror in the room with blue, red, white and pink colors, thus, the result.

 One of my first creations on a cold and dreary January day.  

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