Friday, July 19, 2013

Floral Arrangement - Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue - the defining colors of our country's flag.  For the 4th of July celebration, I wanted to represent the colors of our flag with simple,  inexpensive, and  easy floral arrangements.  I enjoy celebrating the holidays by decorating different corners of the house with  sprinkles of flowers.

A simple design can be turned into a dramatic look just by adding a few embellishments.  I found some red roses and red carnations from our grocery store that were discounted, white oleander from the yard, and blue flowers (real ones are hard to find)  from my silk flowers collection.

BEFORE - Simple Designs

AFTER - 5 Roses representing 50 states 

BEFORE - white flowers on red vase


BEFORE- simple design

AFTER - combining all three colors in a vase

 Simple designs for hardly any cost! 

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