Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July Tablescape

Happy 4th of July!  It's one of the holidays I look forward to celebrating with family - picnics, barbecue and fireworks, red, white and blue... stars all over.  What a grand way to celebrate our country's birthday!

This 4th of July tablescape touches on some of the historical aspect of our country.

 My family enjoys reading, watching and collecting anything involving the American history:   my husband, a dedicated reader, collects a variety of books including  presidential figures; my kids have always had an affinity for historical  facts and I collect historical stamps and plates.   My boys appreciated American history more than ever after visiting Washington DC.  So, it's befitting to celebrate the 4th of July this year with a reverence for some of the key members that made the Declaration of Independence happen:  George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

Since it's been scorching the entire week this year, I decided to have the picnic inside, where I know the temperature will be more predictable.

The buffet table is a tribute to our country's beginnings:  my historical plate and stamp collection, a copy of the  Declaration of Independence from one of my sons,  a collection of presidential books,  and presidential coins.

Some of the major contributors to our current way of life:  Jefferson,  Franklin, Adams plus a bicentennial stamp set featuring the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

George Washington, the first president of the U.S.,  crossing the Delaware River - a pivotal story of the American revolution.

I happened to pass a garage sale years ago where I stumbled onto this Liberty Blue
plate - Historic Colonial Scene at Valley Forge, made in England (of all places!)  It didn't have any other matching sets,  but I purchased it anyway since I loved the colors and the touch of history it reflected.

I also bought this plate, by Liberty Blue Historic Colonial Scene of Independence Hall, during one of our vacations at an antique store, matching  the first Liberty Blue colonial scene of the Valley Forge I acquired at a garage sale.  I was fortunate to get a setting at a good price and in good condition.

 As luck should have it, I also have a birdhouse that I'm able to use to depict the historic Independence Hall building design on the plate.

I like to purchase at least one new item during the holidays to keep my collection up to date - my newest acquisition:  a utensil piece set by Cambridge Silversmiths, ltd.,  vibrant colors of red(fork), white (knife) and blue (spoon, inside the milkshake glass).  Just perfect to complete the table design!

The white lamps were added to symbolize the lantern that Paul Revere was carrying to warn the Americans of the imminent British invasion.  According to legend, Revere, a silversmith, used the lanterns to warn about how the British would be arriving.  Thus, the  lantern symbolizes the famous saying "one if by land, two if by sea".

I arranged the utensils like a coat of arms (like most military logos whose arms crisscross) and placed the flag, to symbolize brightness and steadiness, on top of the plate as a tribute to the soldiers and their families sacrifices for freedom.

To bring the celebration to current day , the words "Happy 4th" were cut out from colorful papers and connected by a ribbon.  I also spread out various sizes of stars on the table to  represent the 50 states.

What better way to celebrate with a "bang" than with Milkshakes and cowboy hats!

(A little variation of the typical American meal)
Hamburgers w/Avocado and trimmings
 Hot dogs on Hoagie bread
Mac & Cheese with 2 types of cheese
Pesto Pasta Salad
Variety of Fruits and Green Salad
Corn with Herbal Butter

(Red, White and Blue... stars all over)
 Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie with 5 red, white and blue stars to symbolize the 50 states

What is more American than an Apple Pie with latticed crust and cutout stars to depict a flag!

Blueberry/Lemon Ice Cream Pie - a great combination to cool down on a scorching day!

Shopper's Corner:

Walgreens - blue star hats, white lamps
Ross Store - blue, red, white utensils

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