Thursday, December 12, 2013

Law School Graduation in December

Joy, Joy, Joy!  A great celebration on top of the holiday season - passing the state bar exam after Thanksgiving gives a new meaning to a graduation celebration in December.  This Graduation Tablescape celebrates a special person for going through one of the most rigorous and rewarding challenges of an educational career. 

 Because it is a holiday season, but this is mostly a graduation celebration, I didn't want to use the standard colors of Christmas.  So I used blue and white color scheme instead for the male celebrant and accessorized with silver and gold for his high standards and (yet I'm still able to mix in some holiday accessories).
Dessert  Buffet Table

 An angel heralding his accomplishments, stars represent his accomplishments,  the gift boxes represent the joy of learning of passing the bar, and the cones represent the height of this achievement

A wreath was surrounded with symbolism of his academic accomplishment: His dream to be the best he can be, his high class standing, his Law Review contributions and the pride and joy of his parents and family. 

The table was accessorized in different heights to again symbolize achievement.

This picture shows the aggregate heights of the plates.

Wine glasses were used as a creative "sugar alternatives" container.

 Accessories surrounding the table highlight the blue and white theme.

 The blue and white theme is extended to the windows of the room. 

A small tree in the room was decorated with ornaments that shows the emotions of the moment.

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